#NoManipulation promotion weeks

Monday, 20 November 2023

Together with numerous sports associations and leagues, sports organizations, the relevant domestic sports betting providers and other partners and supporters from the world of sports, the Play Fair Code has been fighting against match-fixing and betting fraud for more than ten years.

The #NoManipulation promotion weeks are now creating even broader social awareness of clean, manipulation-free sport.

Sport inspires millions of people, whether actively practicing it or as a fan and spectator on the sidelines, in the stands or in front of the screens. This enthusiasm is inextricably linked to the fascination of the unpredictability of the sporting outcome. Because only if competitions are honest, exciting and fair, sports fans will get excited about them again and again.

Match-fixing threatens exactly that, namely the credibility of sport and its protagonists. It destroys sporting competition in its most fundamental idea.

It is not an option to turn a blind eye when a few destroy the credibility of the sport in order to gain illegitimate benefits for themselves.

That is why numerous associations, leagues, sports organizations, sports betting providers and other sports stakeholders have been supporting the work of the Play Fair Code for many years.

This commitment is reflected in the (social-) media world with a message that is both simple and unmistakable: #NoManipulation.

Now #NoManipulation is becoming visible for the first time as part of promotion weeks in many different places, be it in the stadiums on the boards, in social and classic media.

“The support of our network is by no means a given. #NoManipulation is not lip service in Austrian sport, but rather lived practice,” says CEO Severin Moritzer, thanking the Play Fair Code partners for their solidarity.

With #NoManipulation, honest, fair, credible sport is given a face.

The #NoManipulation campaign weeks will take place from November 20th to December 3rd, 2023.