Reporting office

The regulations of all major sporting federations set out that any approach, offer or other awareness of match-fixing and betting fraud must be reported immediately (sometimes in writing) to the responsible federation.

Any infringement of this reporting obligation usually leads to severe disciplinary action such as suspensions or bans.

Where to report?

Besides the independent ombudsman office set up specifically for this purpose, the Play Fair Code has now established itself in the Austrian world of sports as the first point of contact and as a central advisory and reporting office for parties affected by match-fixing.

Play Fair Code

CEO Severin Moritzer

Play Fair Code

M +43 664 30 10 382
T +43 1 90 340


Peter Sander, attorney at law

Niederhuber & Partner Rechtsanwälte GmbH

M +43 660 47 56 851
T +43 1 513 21 24


Both the Play Fair Code and the ombudsman’s office provide advice on how best to handle a risk situation and any suspicions.

All information provided by information providers / Whistleblowers will be always handled 100% confidentially and sensitively.

Information will only be passed on to the competent authorities for the purpose of launching an investigation or to the competent association for the purpose of fulfilling the reporting obligation in accordance with disciplinary procedures with the express consent of the whistleblower/party seeking advice.