The problem

The manipulation of sporting competitions, be it in relation to sports strategy or for financial gain, is one of the biggest threats in sport.

Credibility is the greatest asset in sport. If there is a loss of trust in the credibility of an athlete’s performance or in the results of a competition or how these come about, the sport will inevitably lose the interest of spectators, the media and sponsors and in turn its (also financial) basis.

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Not only do match-fixing and betting fraud represent a risk for the sport itself, but they also jeopardize the careers and thus the livelihoods of those involved. The consequences of misconduct are complex and manifold, ranging from disciplinary action (fines, suspensions, etc.) and/or criminal consequences (fines, imprisonment, etc.) in cases of betting fraud, to economic impact and no less serious social consequences.


Match-fixing is defined as the act of influencing the course or result of a sporting event for personal or third-party gain. 
A wide variety of different actions can fall into the category of match-fixing. These can include acting passively to shape the progress of a match or deliberately allowing an opponent to score goals or points.
The motive for match-fixing can be of a financial nature (criminal background) and/or of a sporting nature (manipulation through sports strategy).
The number of occasions on which contests have been fixed to make a profit by betting on the results has increased sharply in recent years. This has been exacerbated by the participation of international organized criminal groups, and the growth and prevalence of (online) betting markets.


Betting fraud is the manipulation of a sports competition with the purpose of placing “safe” sports bets on that competition and making a betting profit to the detriment of a bookmaker.
In Austria, as in nearly all countries and jurisdictions globally, such behavior is prosecuted by the police and the public prosecutor’s office and usually punished with fines or imprisonment. 


Comply with the regulations on match-fixing!
This is an easy one: Do not fix! Also this is an easy win: Do not fix!
We guess you understand the drill: Do not fix!

Comply with the regulations on sports betting!
Do not bet on your own competition or, better still, on your own sport.

Comply with the reporting obligation!
This is a MUST. You are obliged to report attempts to establish contact, offers to fix or other related incidents.

Comply with the regulations on inside information!
It is prohibited to pass on or make use of inside information for betting, manipulation of sports competitions or other corrupt purposes.