Prevention work is the central pillar in the range of tasks of the Play Fair Code.

Although the portfolio of workshop formats has increased over the years, personal contact and direct exchange with athletes remain the most effective and successful way of raising awareness.

Since 2013, the Play Fair Code has therefore been visiting its target groups with special training modules that explain the threats and dangers of match-fixing and betting fraud.


Founded on the initiative of the Austrian Ministry of Sports, the Austrian Football Association (ÖFB) and the Austrian Professional Football League (ÖFBL), the members’ network of the Play Fair Code today also includes the Austrian professional associations/leagues of the most impacted sports when it comes to market-relevant betting volumes, as well as the large sports organizations, the relevant betting providers and their industry associations.

In addition, the work is supported by sponsors and media partners.

The Play Fair Code has established itself in the Austrian sports world as a single point of contact, advice and reporting facility in the field of match-fixing.

In addition, an independent ombudsman facility was set up as an additional option to report.

Those affected can contact one of these two facilities at any time for advice or to comply with their reporting obligation. All information is treated confidentially and sensitively at all times.

The Play Fair Code aims to preserve clean competition, free of manipulation, together with its member network, the athletes, trainers and those responsible for clubs and associations.

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Manuel Ortlechner
Director of Sports, Austria Wien

"The great appeal of football is
that you don't know how a match will end.

Match-fixing destroys far, far more
than people can imagine."


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