Following the HLA Master League and the HLA Challenge (formerly spusu leagues), the Play Fair Code now trained the top league of Austrian women's handball for the first time. In the period from August to November 2021, all 12 WHA clubs were visited with an initial training module. In April already we were guests of two ÖHB junior national teams.

Women Handball Austria successfully trained

Facts & Figures

Training start: 5.8.2021 (HIB Handball Graz)

Training progress: 12 out of 12 clubs

Number of participants: 186 players, coaches, staff

Training duration: 60 minutes each

Training language: German, English

Format: Indoor (Keynote Presentation)

Play Fair Code travel kilometers: 2725 km

Voices & feedback

Sandra Zeitelberger, head of the national youth team delegation
"Thank you for your good and entertaining presentation. So far, many of our players have had few points of contact with the topic discussed. The girls were not aware that they too could be affected by match-fixing at a young age. Through your example of the U15 team, they gained insight into the scope of match-fixing and gained valuable information in this area. "
Markus Platzer, president Austrian Handball Federation
“In our efforts for clean and honest sport, we are glad, that with the training courses for the Women Handball Austria League clubs, now all players of the highest domestic leagues in women's and men's handball, as well as all players of the national teams were sensitized for the subject of match-fixing and betting fraud. So far there have been no cases of manipulation or fraud in handball in Austria. Together with the Play Fair Code, we are working hard to ensure that this positive status does not change in the future."
Günter Kaltenbrunner, president Play Fair Code
“Although the problems and dangers of manipulation and especially of betting fraud are not as present in women's handball as in other disciplines, we were pleasantly surprised by the great awareness of the problem among the athletes and coaches.
In consistently exciting and very interactive sessions, additional knowledge could be provided that should help to protect the athletes and the sport."


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