In addition to the three Erasmus+ projects AMFix (Against Match Fixing), EPOSM (Evidence-based Prevention Of Sporting-related Match-fixing) and SEE-I (South Eastern European Countries for the Integrity of Football Clubs), in which the Play Fair Code is currently involved, other EU-projects are regularly supported with expert contributions as requested.

Trust as the basis of information exchange – Supporting the Erasmus+ project T-PREG

In spring 2020 already, the Play Fair Code prepared a German-language version of an e-learning tool for the Erasmus+ project T-PREG (Training on Protected Reporting System for Professional and Grassroots Sport).

In the course of the project’s final phase, the Play Fair Code reported from its own long-term experience of operating an ombudsman for match-fixing reports during the webinar "Specialized Competencies for Managing Reporting of Wrongdoing in Sports". The decisive factor here - according to the expertise of the Play Fair Code - is that the willingness of those affected to carry out a report very strongly correlates with trust in a reporting institution. In other words: players, officials and referees confide their report to an institution if they know and trust it. And that is exactly the experience that the Play Fair Code has gained over the past few years.

Severin Moritzer: “In this project, we were able to contribute our experience with the ombudsman and the Play Fair Code as a competent and, above all, trustworthy reporting office. The formula is quite simple: the better and more intensively the training target groups, i.e. especially the athletes, know and perceive us, the higher the probability that they will contact us directly in the event of a match-fixing offer and take advantage of our specialist advice."

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