With a workshop module that has been redesigned, adapted and updated in terms of both, content and layout, the Play Fair Code currently is visiting and training all clubs of the Austrian Bundesliga for the fourth time. The procedure is a well-practiced and highly professional interaction with the league and the clubs. Eleven of twelve teams have already been trained.

Training module #4 for the Admiral Bundesliga

Facts & Figures:

Training start: June 23, 2021 (at FC Red Bull Salzburg)

Training progress: 11 clubs out of 12

Number of participants: 295 players, coaches and staff-members

Training duration: 50 - 70 minutes each

Training language: German / English

Formats: Indoor (Keynote presentation) / Outdoor (without technical aids)

Play Fair Code travel kilometers: 4589 km

Play Fair Code CEO Severin Moritzer:

“In 2013 we rolled out our very first training module in what was then the Tipp3 Bundesliga. Today, eight years later, we have visited Austria's top clubs for the fourth time. It again was something special and we were welcomed not only professionally, but also in a friendly, cooperative and very appreciative manner. A big thank you to all clubs and the league!"

Link (Instagram): Max Wöber and Philipp Köhn (FC Red Bull Salzburg) spread our message



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