The "Believe in Sport" campaign launched by the IOC and co-developed over the recent years by the Play Fair Code as a supporting expert, was designed to educate athletes, officials and coaches about the threat of competition manipulation and to safeguard the integrity of sport.

Play Fair Code expertise at the Youth Olympic Games in Lausanne / St. Moritz

"Believe in Sport" was introduced in October 2018 on the occasion of the Youth Olympic Games in Buenos Aires and aims to raise the young athletes’ awareness of the issues of sport manipulation and betting fraud, especially by using interactive tools.

Play Fair Code CEO Severin Moritzer and Julia Klaming, a former Austrian professional ski racer and nowadays trainee lawyer at Viennese Christina Toth sports law firm, were invited to the Olympic Village in St. Moritz as expert volunteers. Alongside with IOC representatives they strove to sensitize the ambitious athletes for clean and manipulation-free sports.

The 2020 Winter Youth Olympic Games were held in St. Moritz and Lausanne, Switzerland, between 9 and 22 January 2020. The third edition of this major international multi-sport event hosted 1.880 young athletes at the age of 15 to 18 years.

"It certainly is a great appreciation of our work by the IOC for us to contribute substantially in the efforts of the Olympic Village. Having former Austrian ski racer Julia Klaming in our team,  we were able to share both professional and authentic experiences with the champions of tomorrow.”, said Severin Moritzer.

Julia Klaming: “I would have wished for such an education program when I was an active athlete.”


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