The puck is in the goal - a second workshop-series in the Erste Bank Eishockey League has successfully been completed.

Play Fair Code & EBEL – Joint efforts against match fixing

Joint efforts with players and coaches of the EBEL sent another strong signal against match fixing and betting fraud to the world of hockey.

In this valuable partnership a second training module for each of the eleven international top-tier league’s clubs was completed by the end of the year.

Showcasing a redesigned and interactive presentation in English language including relevant cases from other leagues and international competitions, Play Fair Code CEO Severin Moritzer toured through the ice rink venues in Austria, the Czech Republic, Hungary and Italy, to sensitize the hockey-cracks to the wide range of risks and consequences of match fixing and betting fraud.

By means of a fictitious role play - serving as a kind of dry run – the athletes were able to test and train behavior patterns linked to a concrete offer and approach of manipulation.

In an open discussion this very sensitive interface revealed the importance of direct and face-to-face workshops with athletes as a core element in the Play Fair Code’s strategy. The answer is simple but effective: Authenticity!

Severin Moritzer, CEO of the Play Fair Code: “We want to thank all the EBEL cracks and coaches for their support during our tour. Getting the clubs’ and athletes’ feedback and noticing their commitment you can definitely feel that our workshops are much more than an obligation.”


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