Just in time for the International Anti-Corruption Day 2021, the United Nations Office on Drugs and Crime (UNODC) is publishing its new Global Report on Corruption in Sport.

Play Fair Code contributes to UNODC Global Report on Corruption in Sport

Amongst the most renowned organizations worldwide the Play Fair Code has made its expert-contribution to several chapters of this report.

Offering a roadmap to effectively tackle crime and corruption in sports by setting out a range of concrete policy considerations, the Global Report on Corruption in Sport also reveals the staggering scale, manifestation, and complexity of corruption and organized crime in sport at the global, regional, and national levels.

The Global Report comes out at a – not only for Austria - pivotal time, with increasing emphasis being placed on anti-corruption efforts within all sectors, including the sporting community. The Report is launched ahead of next week’s biennial UN anti-corruption gathering, the Conference of the States Parties to the United Nations Convention against Corruption, where the issue of corruption in sport will be discussed.

Read the full version of the brand new report here.


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