After the women's national team and the male junior national teams were trained last autumn, the Play Fair Code now also was a guest of the female junior national teams (born in 2002 and 2004) during their training camp in Dornbirn.

Play Fair Code at the Austrian Handball Federation juniors

"Our girls were not aware that they too could be affected by match-fixing at such young age", AHF delegation leader Sandra Zeitelberger perfectly summed up the need for this workshop. “The examples presented gave them insights and valuable information on a topic that many of the players had little contact with before. Thank you for the good and entertaining presentation. "

And for the Play Fair Code, training with national teams is always a highlight. Even if, like this time, they have to be carried out under the strictest COVID prevention measures.
Marc Orlainsky, Integrity Coordinator at the Play Fair Code: “It is of enormous importance for us to reach those young top players in Austrian handball! We can teach them about the background and the many and serious consequences of match-fixing and betting fraud at an early stage and give them the tools they need to protect themselves, their careers and their sport. "

Following the workshops, the players born in 2002 defeated their Swiss peers in a friendly match. Congratulations!
The 2004 born girls, however, were narrowly defeated by the Swiss of the same age.



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