As part of the longstanding cooperation between the Play Fair Code and the IOC, three joint projects were implemented this year.

Partnership with the IOC

From 9 to 22 January 2020 the 3rd Youth Olympic Games took place in St. Moritz and Lausanne, where 1,880 young athletes between the ages of 15 and 18 competed for the medals.

Severin Moritzer and Julia Klaming, former athlete of the Austria Skiing Federation and now trainee lawyer in a law firm specialized in sports law, were guests as expert volunteers in the Olympic Village in St. Moritz, to work side by side with the IOC representatives in sensitizing the young athletes for clean and manipulation-free sport.

This action was part of the “Believe in Sport” campaign launched by the IOC on the occasion of the Youth Olympic Games in Buenos Aires 2018. "Believe in Sport" was developed under the participation of experts from the Play Fair Code and aims to use interactive tools to raise awareness of the dangers of competition manipulation and betting fraud among young athletes at an early stage.

Thus it is only logical that the Play Fair Code also got involved in a “Believe in Sport” Ambassadors Meeting this August. The Meeting, held online for corona reasons, was attended by 22 new IOC ambassadors from all over the world and thematised strategies and daily work in prevention.

Third, as things always seem to go in threes, the Play Fair Code represented by Severin Moritzer, was also included as an expert speaker in the 2nd Advanced Virtual Training for 70 attendees from about 30 National Olympic Committees and National Platforms from five continents.

"We are now at the stage of a very established partnership with our friends at the IOC. It is a sign of high esteem that we can work directly with the young athletes at the Youth Olympic Games 2020 in St. Moritz and, on the other hand, to contribute to two international top-class events as speakers.” Moritzer adds with a smile:“ Even if “Taking part is everything!” corresponds to the Olympic idea, the Play Fair Code has been much more in the center of the international stage for many years now than just taking part."


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