With the long-awaited return of the 2nd Austrian Football League, also the Play Fair Code training department is back and operational. The special situation in the domestic second division is reason enough for quick refresher module with the 16 clubs of HPYBET 2. Liga.

Kick-off for the restart

About eighty days after the championship of the 2nd League was interrupted due to the pandemic, the kick-off for the restart finally was launched last Friday.

Teams, players, league rankings and points remained the same as before the break, except the overall situation has changed significantly, however, as the season in the third leagues and lower has been canceled. Since there are no potential promoters from the third leagues, the season of the 2nd League will therefore end without relegations. The fight for promotion to Bundesliga 1st League will most likely be a competition between two clubs only. For the rest of the league, sporting incentives are rather low.

In combination with the economic consequences of the corona crisis, this significantly increases a potential risk of manipulation. Experts as well as institutions (such as the Play Fair Code) and international federations have recently warned of a worldwide growth in the risk of match-fixing and betting fraud.

To protect and educate both, players and clubs, the Play Fair Code and the Austrian Football League agreed to launch an awareness raising update for the 2nd League teams on very short notice.

At record speed and within a period of eleven days only all of the 16 teams between Lafnitz and Lustenau were visited and trained with a newly developed workshop format, of course taking into account corona protective measures.

Special thanks go to the Austrian League for their support and the coaches, club- and team managers for the easy and quick appointments.

We wish all clubs a successful restart, all the best for the remaining championship rounds and a healthy, fair and clean rest of the season.

Severin Moritzer, CEO of the Play Fair Code: “In the context of our situation analysis and looking beyond the borders, it was immediately clear to us that we need to take refreshing, awareness-raising measures to protect our 2nd League teams. The workshop format joining the players directly on the pitch before or after their trainings is new, works really fine and was big fun!"

Günter Kaltenbrunner, President of the Play Fair Code: “Whenever the integrity of sports needs to be protected, the Play Fair Code is ready. I am very pleased that the cooperation with the Austrian League again worked perfectly.”

Andreas Köberl, CEO of HPYBET: “As a betting provider and as the naming sponsor of the 2nd League in particular, a clean competition is extremely important to us. In addition to the comprehensive risk management systems we use internally, our partnership with the Play Fair Code and its prevention work is the second main pillar."

Christian Ebenbauer, CEO of ÖFBL: “Many thanks to the Play Fair Code team for doing a great job in cooperation with the clubs and players of the HPYBET 2nd League. The pace of implementation is remarkable as well. It was just two weeks between the announcement in our club-conference meeting and completing the training session.”


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