For this spring, the Play Fair Code had actually put together an ambitious and intensive training schedule. In addition to a first-time workshop series in the professional women football-league, follow-up training sessions were planned with all twelve Austrian football academies, in the semi-professional Third League and in the Basketball Super League. But then...

Good planning is (only) half the realization – spring 2020 training-kickoff

“Things never happen the way you think. They use to happen the way you never thought they would."

At the beginning of the year, training appointments for spring were made with a main focus on football. Thanks to a smooth cooperation with the clubs and associations, more than 25 expected dates with the Women Professional Football-League teams, Men’s Third League clubs and with the youth academies were quickly fixed. On short notice, follow-up trainings with all ten Basketball Super League-clubs were scheduled additionally. The Play Fair Code agenda for March and April was crowded.

The kick-off events in each module went according to plan and successfully. Basketball club UBSC Graz, just recently in the center of a manipulation scandal in early January, was the first team to be visited in the Super League.

The Play Fair Code premiered in the Professional Women Football-League with the ladies of SV Horn followed by USC Landhaus participating in and completing their first integrity workshop. In the far west on Austria's sports map, the Dornbirner SV (Third League) as well as the youngsters of the football academies Vorarlberg and Tyrol were gathered together for integrity sessions. A training at the St. Pölten academy could also take place as planned.

With the spreading corona pandemic and the call for protective measures, the Austrian sports world came to a complete shut down – like everywhere in the world. All training activities of the Play Fair Code therefore had to be canceled and postponed indefinitely as well.

Nonetheless, our motivation to reschedule the originally planned “training marathon” at a later date remains unbroken. As soon as the return to regular sports life is done, we will re-arrange all appointments according to the motto of Everest-legend Sir Edmund Hillary: "Have a plan and stick to it".



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