With a new training module especially designed for volleyball, the Play Fair Code visited all 20 clubs of the Austrian Volley Leagues (AVL) women and men for the very first time.
The top flight of the Austrian Volleyball Federation’s referees was also trained for the first time as part of their central referee annual conference.

First workshop module in the Austrian Volley Leagues

Facts & Figures:

Training start: September 8, 2021 (at Union Volleyball Waldviertel)

Training progress: 19 clubs out of 20 + top flight referees

Number of participants: 317 players, coaches, staff and referees

Training duration: 50 – 90 minutes each

Training language: German, English

Format: Indoor (Keynote presentation)

Play Fair Code travel kilometers: 4774 km

Comments & Feedback:

Martin Micheu, sports director SK Aich / Dob
“The Play Fair Code training was not only new for our team, it was also very interesting, as many of the players did not know how quickly and unconsciously one can get involved in match-fixing and what effects this can have on one's own life. I am sure that many of them now think even more about fair sport and now know exactly what is allowed and what is not. "

Dominik Kefer, head coach UVC Ried im Innkreis
“Thank you very much for a clear and entertaining presentation with many practical examples, which were able to stimulate discussion over and over again. Prevention is definitely important in this field too and the Play Fair Code training helped to raise awareness of the topic. "

Michael “Much” Falkner, president TI Volley Innsbruck
“A very important measure to show the athletes that unfortunately there is also criminal activity going on in the background of the sport. With this imparted knowledge, one is now prepared for the case of suddenly being confronted with it. Thank you very much!"

Frederick Laure, manager UVC Graz
“For me as the manager of a club with a lot of players, it is important that everyone knows what to do if the worst comes to the worst. No is immune to manipulation, but thanks to the lecture we all know how we should react."

Ulrich Sernow, head coach PSVBG Salzburg
"On 9/21/2021 our Bundesliga women team was able to take part in a very informative Play Fair Code seminar at the ULSZ Rif. All players, coaches and staff of the Bundesliga women team were given concrete insights into the world of the Pay Fair Code in this lively presentation and showed great interest in the advice and examples given. We would like to thank you for this great, informative and vivid hour, which has helped us a lot on our further path in sport."


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