Football, basketball, tennis, ice hockey, skiing, handball - and now also volleyball: the range of Austrian sports associations and leagues cooperating closely with the Play Fair Code is steadily growing. “Volleyball Austria sees itself as a progressive, modern institution that is a pioneer on many levels - especially when it comes to good governance,” Gernot Leitner, President of the Austrian Volleyball Association (ÖVV) explains. "We have already had previous exchange with the Play Fair Code in recent years, and now there is an official partnership that I am very much looking forward to."

Austrian Volleyball Federation: With prevention against suspected cases

Well, that really makes sense. Over the last two years there have been irregularities in betting odds of Volleyball games a few times, President Leitner explains, also in beach volleyball. "Thus it's high time for prevention workshops to sensitize our athletes, coaches and officials for what needs to be done if someone approaches you with such intensions."

"We are very pleased to be working with a seventh sporting discipline now," says Günter Kaltenbrunner. Naturally, it is a mandate and obligation to train clubs and players and to bring them closer to the DOs and DONTs of the subject of betting fraud and match-fixing. "Anyone who knows the sport and its players has a competitive advantage when it comes to betting," Leitner and Kaltenbrunner say unison.

But what many might not know so far, for example, is the prohibition on betting on one's own competitions or the obligation to report manipulation approaches immediately. Preventive measures and rules of conduct aim to keep Austrian volleyball clean.
The introduction to the athlete`s trainings is supported by beach volleyballers Clemens Doppler and Alexander Horst with video statements from the perspective of two multiple Olympians and sports legends acting as role models.

Insight and making-of the video with the "No Manipualtion" Testimonials - Alexander Horst und Clemens Doppler.



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