At the end of January, the members of the Research Team met in Palermo hosted by the Centro Universitario Sportivo (CUS)

Erasmus+ Project "Against Match Fixing" – Interim meeting Research Team

The aim of the conference with the participation of experts from the German Sport University Cologne, the Play Fair Code and the European Institute of Interdisciplinary Research (EIIR) was to finalize the questionnaire form for the scientific survey of athletes and officials in the participating partner countries.

As part of this field study, a total of 50 professional and amateur questionnaires focusing on football stakeholders will be conducted until June in each partner country, providing up-to-date and target group-specific knowledge on match-fixing and betting fraud in general, on existing rules and regulations, on disciplinary and criminal law consequences and on psychological motivations and relevant behaviors for potential participations in manipulation activities.

The results from the total sample of 400+ questionnaires will then serve as a valid basis for the tasks of the Education Team in developing and creating tailor-made prevention training and education materials for the relevant target groups.



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