At the end of July, the Play Fair Code kicked it off with the players from Fivers WAT Margareten, training the first Austrian handball team about match-fixing and betting fraud. Three months later, the training sessions for the 20 handball teams of the two professional leagues are close to the finish line.

Austrian handball in a trusted partnership with the Play Fair Code

An intense Tour d'Autriche is coming to an end, thousands of kilometers, new faces, new impressions and insights into a new, the now sixth sporting discipline, and above all the recognition of the participants: Yes, that not only was important, but also interesting for us.

But that's not it. In a special session within the annual handball referees meeting almost 100 top referees, delegates, executives and members of the Rules and Referees Commission of Austrian Handball also met for an integrity and prevention workshop.
Severin Moritzer and Marc Orlainsky had the attending officials diving into the field of match-fixing and betting fraud sharing insights into special cases of match-fixing in handball some of them well known to the audience due to the international prominence and recognition of the involved characters. In this context, the case of manipulation involving Nikola Karabatic, one of the undisputed superstars in handball sport, was presented in detail.

The focus of the workshop clearly was to highlight the importance and enormous potential of influence of the referees on the outcome of a game.



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