In the future, the Play Fair Code will not only train and educate players from already five sport dicisplines, but also the athletes of the Austrian Handball Federation, the spusu league and the spusu CHALLENGE league. The cooperation was presented in the course of the international friendly Austria against the current European champion Spain in Dornbirn on April 11th.

Handballers say: #NoManipulation

There is a variety of betting options available: the final result, who wins the first or second half, how many goals are scored in total, and whether the total score is even or odd: just four of the countless opportunities betting markets are offering on a handball game nowadays.

Sports bets and matches can be and are manipulated, even in handball. Still present is the case of the two French superstars Nikola and Luka Karabatic, who were sentenced to two months on probation in a betting scandal. Their then club Montpellier, which in May 2012 already had locked in the championship, lost in a match against Club Cesson-Rennes with 28:31. Unusually high wagers have been detected, and these are usually the first indications that things are not quite right.

"In Austria, there has been no case of manipulation or betting fraud in our sport so far," says Gerhard Hofbauer, President of the Austrian Handball Federation (ÖHB). "We are happy about this, but we must not become negligent. That`s why we decided to count on the expertise of the Play Fair Code in our joint mission for integrity in our sport. We are on the right side, with the right partner. "

In fact, within only a few years, the Play Fair Code has become a very well-established name in the national and international sports community when it comes to issues such as match fixing, betting fraud, corruption in sport, ethics and integrity in general. Over 500 education training seminars with more than 15,000 participants were conducted nationally and internationally. On a European level the participation in various Erasmus+ projects reflect the welcomed contribution of expertise of the Play Fair Code as well as from top decision-makers from the International Olympic Committee (IOC), UEFA among others.

In Austria, the initiative for integrity in sport cooperates with the Ministry of Sport, sports associations and leagues in football, basketball, tennis, ice hockey, skiing and as of now also in handball. Starting as of  2019, athletes, coaches and club officials of the top 20 teams (spusu LIGA and spusu CHALLENGE) and the Austrian handball national teams will be sensitized in education trainings; in doing so, the threats, consequences and protective mechanisms are clearly pointed out.

"Having another world sport joining the Play Fair Code is a crystal-clear statement for the reputation we have managed to built up over the past seven years, and of course we're excited about the new partnership," says Play Fair Code President Günter Kaltenbrunner. "But above all this cooperation is a commitment to follow our strategy of prevention, education and awareness raising when it comes to corruption in sport.”

The new partnership was officially presented on 11 April in the course of the international friendly match between EHF EURO 2020 co-host Austria and the current European champion Spain in Dornbirn. The cooperation was highlighted during the match on the LED advertising boards. "We are also presenting our new social media campaign," says Play Fair Code CEO Severin Moritzer, "which is easy and simple to recognize: #NoManipulation."

The final result of the match against European Champion Spain was between pleasing and sensational from an Austrian point of view, as it was the first win in 27 years. Congratulations from the Play Fair Code Team.


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