As part of the National Austrian Tennis Championships the Play Fair Code met with the Austrian tennis elite.

First ever match-fixing education seminars in Austrian tennis

As a result of the recently established partnership with the Austrian Tennis Federation the Play Fair Code for the first time ever trained Austrian tennis players in match-fixing seminars.

At the annual gathering of the Austrian tennis elite, the tennis players were sensitized to the dangers of match-fixing and betting fraud.

Highlighting the dramatic number of match-fixing cases in tennis not only reflects the particular vulnerability of the sport and its athletes, but also demonstrates the importance of raising awareness and understanding the dangers and consequences for all protagonists in tennis.

The Play Fair Code training module, which was specifically researched and custom-made for the sport of tennis, deals with facts and figures of various match-fixing cases, the disciplinary regulations on the national and international level including the Tennis Integrity Unit (TIU) and offers possible solutions from the player`s perspective.

Marion Maruska, Sports Coordinator and Fed Cup Captain: "The seminars of the Play Fair Code are both, immensely important for prevention and absolutely informative for the athletes. We have to protect our sport and ourselves - no matter if it is an athlete or a federation! "

Play Fair Code CEO Severin Moritzer: "It is a fact unfortunately that match fixing has a significant impact on tennis! Therefore, it is the right move for Austrian tennis to join us in walking down the road of prevention, education and awareness raising!”



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