Reunion with friends: The Play Fair Code has started the third training round in the Tipico Bundesliga and the 2nd league. The announcement sparked a very positive response from the clubs: Almost half of the 28 clubs were already visited in the last couple of weeks or education sessions were already fixed with them.

Launch of the third anti-match fixing player´s education campaign in the Austrian Bundesliga

The new training cycle is a perfect match with the start of the new league format in the Austrian Bundesliga with now 28 clubs in both leagues and guarantees that all newcomers to the Austrian Bundesliga are trained and informed about the global threat of match-fixing.  

Following an intensive research phase, the new training module highlights specific match-fixing cases from the world of football and draws the player`s attention to the risks, dangers, consequences and self-protection mechanisms of and against match-fixing. Based on the cases and demonstrated with exemplary video footage the training module explains the three layers of sport-strategic manipulation, criminal background manipulation as well as money laundering betting fraud.

Play Fair Code CEO Severin Moritzer is pleased with the content refresher in Austrian football: "Based on the first feedbacks from the players we feel confirmed that after our training runs in 2013 and 2015 again we are adding substantial awareness-raising value to the clubs of the Bundesliga.”  

Bundesliga CEO Christian Ebenbauer: "The new training module of the Play Fair Code is a valuable and sustainable instrument in the fight against match fixing. It is vey important for our clubs to stay up to date with the global developments in this sensitive area and that we have the clubs trained on a very high level.”

Wacker Innsbruck Team Manager Mr. Feistmantl said: "We got the impression that our players and coaches were very well informed. Especially for the young players, these trainings are enormously important!"


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