Early October the kick-off meeting of the research team was held in Warsaw.

Erasmus + Project Against Match Fixing - Opening meeting of the Research Group

The project "Against Match Fixing", coordinated by the Polish Football League Extraklasa, aims for an  academic and practical development of international applicable guidelines for the prevention and combating of match-fixing and betting fraud.

The three-year project also includes a transnational questionnaire with athletes and club officials in order to identify motives and reasons for activities in match-fixing.

The task of the research team therefore was clear: The team is responsible for the creation, organization and the conduct of the survey. Its purpose is to determine the scale of the problem, the motivations of participants and the level of vulnerability in  different stakeholder groups. As a result, these findings feed into the work of the Education Team to develop specific prevention training materials.

The Play Fair Code is - together with the German Sport University Cologne - an expert partner in this project.


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