As part of an invitation from the Austrian Tennis Federation executive board, the Play Fair Code had the opportunity to present the global problem of match-fixing in the world sport tennis from an expert's perspective.

The Austrian Tennis Federation (ÖTV) and the Play Fair Code – Integrity partnership and prevention.

At the same time prevention strategies were presented in the field of awareness raising and education.

From 2019 on, an intensive cooperation between the two institutions has been agreed on.

The invitation to the Play Fair Code reflects the value and sustainability attached to the subject of integrity in tennis by the top executives within the Austrian Tennis Federation and shows a proactive approach in Austrian tennis.

Severin Moritzer, Managing Director of the Play Fair Code, sums it up: "Being a single sport, tennis by far is the easiest to manipulate sporting discipline. With more than 200 annual suspected cases worldwide and numerous manipulations that have actually been proven, tennis unfortunately is in a negative leader role (find the Tennis Integirty Unit Annual Review 2017 here). There is a need for action, which has been recognized by the Austrian Tennis Federation. "

Günter Kaltenbrunner, President of the Play Fair Code, adds: "It is a very positive development over the last years of our activities that sports associations are recognizing the need for active prevention against manipulation in sport and consult the Play Fair Code as experts in the field."



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