Following the invitation of INTERPOL and the IOC, which initiated this event, the Play Fair Code together with top representatives of the Austrian NOC and the Austrian Federal Police was pleased to contribute from a best-pratice perpective in Austria.

The Play Fair Code as part of the Austrian delegation at the INTERPOL-IOC Integrity in Sport Regional Workshop

The focus of the two-day event (6th and 7th November) was to identify key stakeholders involved in setting up National Platforms in the three participating countries to facilitate national, regional and international cooperation.

The clear goal of all participants was to create a common ground to prevent and investigate competitive manipulation and other threats to the integrity of sport.

Thomas Arnold, Chief Financial Officer of the German Olympic Sports Confederation (DOSB), said: "Protecting the integrity of sport is the key to the future of sport."

Severin Moritzer, CEO of the Play Fair Code, said: "Especially in the prevention field a lot has already been achieved in Austria over the last years. We are building on this foundation now to take the next steps.”


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