Within the European Fair Play Movement General Assembly in early October in Vienna, the Austrian Christian Hinterberger was re-elected as EFPM President.

European Fair Play Movement´s (EFPM) Gala and Annual General Assembly in Vienna

The European Fair Play Movement ( is an association representing 40 European countries and international sports organizations.

Austria, represented by the ASKÖ since 1994, is a founding member.

EFPM President Christian Hinterberger: ”I´m very happy about the great trust and look forward to the next four years´ work with my board fellows. It means a lot to me to bring the issue ‘Fair Play’ in all areas of sports. Without Fair Play sport can´t work at any level. We have to motivate every single party to keep up these positive values of sport. There´s a lot of work waiting for us.”

At the EFPM meeting in Vienna, the German lawyer and former hockey international Anja Martin as well as Severin Moritzer gave a lecture about activities against manipulation and match fixing in sports.

With the ”Homeless World Cup Austria”, an Austrian initiative was honored with the award of the annual European Fair Play Award under the patronage of the EOC (European Olympic Committee). The Play Fair Code, which was honored itself with the European Fair Play Diploma in 2014, cordially congratulated. 

For more information, please visit the homepage of the Fair Play Movement.


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