At Stanislas Frossard´s (Head of the Council of the Sport Division of the Council of Europe) invitation the Play Fair Code, represented by managing director Severin Moritzer, took part in the international sports conference ”Russia – Country of Sports” at the beginning of October in Vladimir (RUS).


The Play Fair Code at the international sports conference ”Russia – Country of Sports”

Numerous high-ranking representatives of Russian, Belarusian and Kazakh ministries, Russian universities, sports associations, sports leagues, international NGO´s and bookmakers were present at this conference.

In one of the expert seminars, the focus was on the discussion of preventive actions against illegal influence on sport results. The communication of Best-Practice-Examples among the various stakeholders in sports such as the improvement of prosecutions was the goal of this exchange of ideas.

The presentation of Play Fair Code CEO Severin Moritzer focused on the Austrian stakeholder approach and elaborated on how crucial sections of the Council of Europe Convention on the Manipulation of Sports Competitions in Austria had already been implemented.

Chaired by the Russian Deputy Minister for Sports Natalia Parshikova representatives of football, basketball, ice hockey, bookmakers and the Russian Prosecuting Attorney´s Office  discussed the challenging tasks of the implementation of the Council of Europe Convention.


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