Latest Play Fair Code Betting Operator Summit

Wednesday, 19 April 2023

For the second time, the Play Fair Code organized a summit for its betting operator partners, serving as an interface between the betting industry, their interest groups and the police.

The Austrian betting industry was represented at the highest level to discuss current issues with experts from the Federal Criminal Police Office.

The platform, newly created by the Play Fair Code a year ago, again took place at the IRIS Offices.

Dominant topic of the summit’s second edition was, one more time, the manipulation complex in Austria’s third football league, for which there was an information update regarding investigations and criminal proceedings.

In this context, the Integrity in Sports Unit of the Federal Criminal Police Office (BKA) specifically emphasized the role of international payment service providers.

With the Play Fair Code as an information hub, it has been possible to enable a more intensive exchange between the decision-makers of the betting providers who act as competitors in business life.

A third summit is planned later this year. The next meeting is to take place as early as autumn and will follow the content of the first two events.