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21 December 2021
We've moved - New address!
You can find us now at our new headquarters close to Vienna's main station.

14 December 2021
Annual Report 2021 available for download
9 December 2021
Play Fair Code contributes to UNODC Global Report on Corruption in Sport
6 December 2021
Erasmus+ EPOSM project successfully concluded
18 November 2021
Women Handball Austria successfully trained

Older news

20 October 2021

First workshop module in the Austrian Volley Leagues

With a new training module especially designed for volleyball, the Play Fair Code visited all 20 clubs of the Austrian Volley Leagues (AVL) women and men for the very first time.
The top flight of the Austrian Volleyball Federation’s referees was also trained for the first time as part of their central referee annual conference.
9 August 2021

Training module #4 for the Admiral Bundesliga

With a workshop module that has been redesigned, adapted and updated in terms of both, content and layout, the Play Fair Code currently is visiting and training all clubs of the Austrian Bundesliga for the fourth time. The procedure is a well-practiced and highly professional interaction with the league and the clubs. Eleven of twelve teams have already been trained. More
14 June 2021

Erasmus+ AMFIX - Final Conference

Final conference reporting on the "Against Match-Fixing" project, co-financed under the Erasmus + Sport programme, implemented by an international consortium of entities dealing with the problem. Thursday, 24.06.2021, 11:00 a.m. CET. More
20 April 2021

Play Fair Code at the Austrian Handball Federation juniors

After the women's national team and the male junior national teams were trained last autumn, the Play Fair Code now also was a guest of the female junior national teams (born in 2002 and 2004) during their training camp in Dornbirn. More
20 April 2021

EASG Webinar on "Match-Fixing and Integrity"

The urge for the European Association for the Study of Gambling’s webinar on the subject of match-fixing and integrity arose from the film “Fixed - A Football Comedy” released in 2020. More
20 April 2021

Erasmus + Project SEE - I: Transnational meeting in Sofia in hybrid format

It is due to Corona that the Erasmus+ project SEE-I (Southeast European Countries for the Integrity of Football Clubs) has so far been carried out in an online mode mainly. Under the project management of the Romanian University of Sports (UNEFS), an international team of renowned integrity experts, including the Play Fair Code, has tasked itself with the development and implementation of specialized training materials for the Southeastern European region. More
20 April 2021

Erasmus + EPOSM: Almost 20% of all people involved in sports have already been confronted with (in-)direct offers for manipulation

A large-scale European study shows that nearly 20% of people in sports has been confronted with direct or indirect match-fixing - being the manipulation of sport competitions or matches - proposals. More
19 April 2021

Training series in the Austrian Basketball 2nd League

This year’s beginning marked the first anniversary of the manipulation scandal in the Austrian Basketball Superliga. Following an acute-workshop series in the Superliga in 2020, shortly after the incident became known, a second training module has now been rolled out for the clubs of the Basketball 2nd League. More
16 February 2021

Trust as the basis of information exchange – Supporting the Erasmus+ project T-PREG

In addition to the three Erasmus+ projects AMFix (Against Match Fixing), EPOSM (Evidence-based Prevention Of Sporting-related Match-fixing) and SEE-I (South Eastern European Countries for the Integrity of Football Clubs), in which the Play Fair Code is currently involved, other EU-projects are regularly supported with expert contributions as requested. More
10 February 2021

3rd Advanced NOCs Virtual Training on the Prevention of the Manipulation of Competitions

The well-established long-term partnership between the IOC, the Austrian NOC and the Play Fair Code recently led to another invitation to contribute to what is now the third “Advanced NOCs Virtual Training on the Prevention of the Manipulation of Competitions” at the beginning of February 2021. More
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