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Criminality in competition in general, and match-fixing in particular, are threatening to infiltrate the fundamental character of sport, as well as its credibility, fairness and integrity. This negative trend represents a grave threat to sport as a whole.

Prior to 2012 the complex set of questions relating to how to deal with the controversial issues of match-fixing and betting fraud had never been tackled in a comprehensive manner in Austria. This changed substantially when the Austrian Ministry of Sport, the Austrian Football Association (AFA) and the Austrian Football League collectively founded the Association for Protecting the Integrity in Sport. The association, which operates on a day-to-day basis under the brand name ‘Play Fair Code’, has subsequently been joined by a series of other major sports stakeholders, including the Austrian Federal Sports Organisation, the Austrian Olympic Committee, the Austrian Sports Betting Association, the Austrian Association for Betting and Gambling, the Austrian Lotteries and the Austrian Ski Federation, the Austrian Ice Hockey League, the Austrian Basketball Federation, the Austrian Handball Federation, the Austrian Volleyball Federation, the Austrian Tennis Federation, together with a range of Austrian betting providers.

The operating strategy of the Play Fair Code, which was laid down as soon as the organisation was founded and remains clearly defined, lies in prevention and monitoring, and has included the creation of an ombudsman facility to receive communications related to match-fixing in Austrian sport.

We address the issue of match-fixing with our core values:

Competence, Commitment and Sustainability

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Sujet "Wir gegen Manipulation im Sport"