Continuity wins. There is broad consensus that the successful development of the Play Fair Code over the past six years was based on the professional and effective cooperation of all stakeholders.

Play Fair Code president, board and auditors unanimously re-elected

The expansion of the Play Fair Code stakeholder network with both, new national and international partners, will continue to be the key strategic aim in the future.

The board of the Play Fair Code continues to consist of the well-established team of President Günter Kaltenbrunner, Michael Kuhn and Christof Hetzmannseder (both Vice Presidents),  Nikolaus Schaffer and  Axel Bammer (both Treasurers), secretaries Thomas Hollerer and  Christian Ebenbauer and the two auditors Helmut Nahlik and Gerald Weiss.

Play Fair Code CEO Severin Moritzer said: "Continuous cooperation and development is highly important to the Play Fair Code. Trust and confidence between board members, auditors, management and members, partners and sponsors built up over the last years, will continue to drive us forward significantly in the next three years. Therefore, my congratulations are directed above all to President Günter Kaltenbrunner, with thanks to the entire Board for their support in the past. "


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