On February 12, Play Fair Code launched the education training offensive in Austrian basketball with a training session at the ece bulls Kapfenberg, the current leader and latest champion in 2017 of the ABL.

Awareness raising kick-off in the ADMIRAL Basketball Bundesliga

As a part of the membership of ADMIRAL Basketball Bundesliga (ABL), all 21 teams of the ABL and the Second Basketball Bundesliga (2BL) will be educated about the risks and consequences of match-fixing and betting fraud until summer 2018. The training session at the ece bulls Kapfenberg was a perfect spot for the launch event - Kapfenberg is the current leader of the ABL.

The top team followed the Code’s content presentation  carefully and very focused. 

CEO Severin Moritzer presented a tailor-made education module including the disciplinary provisions of the ABL, the best possible behaviors in case of manipulation offers and illustrative case studies.

As an integral part of the training session, the match-fixing scandal which involved  American basketball pro Brandon Johnson was analyzed (further information see here).

After the presentation, Play Fair Code CEO Severin Moritzer, head coach Mike Coffin and captain Marck Coffin co-signed the locker-room poster, which is briefly summarizing the most important DOs and DON'Ts for the players and also serves as a certificate for successful participation in the education module.

Headcoach Coffin’s statement after the training session: “The Play Fair Code seminar today was very well organized and absolutely beneficial for our players and myself with many interesting insights. This seminar would be helpful to all sports clubs in Austria and Europe.“   

Play Fair Code CEO Severin Moritzer is optimistic about the upcoming education activities in basketball: „The professional approach of of the ece bulls Kapfenberg was very supportive and is a positive sign for the committment of the other teams still to be visited in the coming weeks.“


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