The final Consortium Meeting of the European Rookie Cup was held in Vienna in mid-November. This provided a fitting end to the project, which was concluded successfully under the management of the EBEL.

Final Consortium Meeting of European Rookie Cup

The key concern on the agenda of the meeting was the finalisation of the concluding report, which the EU, as the project’s promotor, will receive. The Consortium exchanged views on how the project had progressed, emphasised the constructive and inspired collaboration between its members, critically analysed strengths and weaknesses, and looked to the future regarding potential and ongoing cooperation.

As well as maximising the sporting performance of prospective young players through the tournament series, the three-year project, which was funded by the EU, aimed to raise sensibility and awareness-building in areas such as match-fixing, doping, and antidiscrimination and racism.

For further information, please check out the website of the Erasmus+ European Rookie Cup project, as well as the closing video of the tournament series, which can be viewed in the Download section of our website.


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